About Mudd Hog Mud Motors, LLC

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Mud Motors are essential when living in the heart of Wisconsin, and there is a passion for waterfowl hunting. I use mud motors in some of the harshest environments where regular outboard motors just can't go, therefore, I decided that I would design the toughest and most reliable mud motor in the industry. 

In 2008, I started this building an affordable mud motor, for the everyday waterfowl hunter and outdoor enthusiasts, that was durable enough to withstand all of the challenges that a marsh could throw at us. A couple of different prototypes later I came up with the Mudd Hog mud motor design that I am currently selling today.

We currently sell 9 HP, 13 HP, 15 HP, 18 HP, 20.5 HP, 25 HP longtail Mudd Hog mud motors. Standard features include: sturdy handlebar with 360 degree rotation for boats with transoms from 13 to 20 inches, universal handle bar for right/left hander’s, stainless steel props, electric start and many more features.

Our mud motors also have custom features that are available for purchase for at an additional cost. Please contact us for more information. Whether you’re fishing, trapping, or waterfowling in the marsh, floating down a river, or cruising in some backwaters, you too will enjoy your versatile Mudd Hog mud motor.