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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. What is a mud motor?

A. A mud motor is a special motor designed to maneuver is shallow bodies of water where other conventional outboard motors don't typically go, or could have problems operating in.

Q. Are there different types of mud motors? Are there benefits to one type of mud motor over another?

A. There are (2) different types of mud motors, shallow (surface) drive and longtail mud motors. Shallow, or surface, drive mud motors are typically used  for speed in "open" spaces, and can go through weeds, mud, and shallow water. Longtail mud motors are built for a little bit lower speeds, but built to go in "tough" hard to get to spaces, and can go through weeds, mud, and shallow water. When in thick muck conditions the longtail mud motor can be inserted into the muck and shaft and handle bar can be used to pry yourself free if stuck.

Q. Are Mudd Hog mud motors safe?

A. Yes, when used properly, and with extreme caution while the motor is running, mud motors are safe to operate. As with any motor and moving parts, while in operation, keep clear of all moving parts to avoid injury, Due to extreme torque, when in thick mud/muck, the mud motor could potentially push/throw the operator. In these times, it is recommended that you throttle down, to gain control of the motor, and free the propeller and boat of the obstruction. Mud motors are also safe for the vegetation and water ways. This is due to the fact that the, for about 90% of the time, the prop typically only sits about 6 inches in the water, and us usually in the wake of the boat. By the prop only being submerged 6 inches, it stays away from the root system of the native and invasive plant species.

Q. Why Mudd Hog mud motors?

A. When quality and durability are your most important assets, Mudd Hog is the only choice. We are proud of each and every motor that we design, make, and sell. Your not getting a factory produced motor... our blood, sweat, and sometime even tears are put into these motors, to make sure that the quality that you're looking for in a motor, is exactly what you're getting, and we stand behind our work.